To Daughter a Devil by Megan Mary Moore

Poetry Book Review

Title: To Daughter a Devil
Author:  Megan Mary Moore
Publisher: Unsolicited Press
Released: January 3, 2023
Pages: 98
ISBN: 978-1956692518
Stars: 5.0

To Daughter a Devil by American poet Megan Mary Moore is one of the fiercest, most visceral books of poetry I have ever read written by a woman. Inspired by classic horror movies like The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby and the archetypal horror of being a female, from the Devil within to every devil we face, she has created a cohesive narrative of dark poetic perfection all women should read. I learned what a bezoar is. I had no idea. Moore writes poems about things that scare her, and they will scare you too.

She reveals the secret fears of all mothers of daughters, reminisces about seeing JonBenet Ramsay’s photo at a supermarket tabloid stand, what it is to be a bad seed, and how using a tampon must feel to the prepubescent. Moore also asks thought-provoking questions and covers everything about being a female child, from just knowing she was born bad to one burned as a witch and to the Enfield poltergeist, with such intelligence, insight, and courage that it has blown me away.

Her fascination with death, morbidity and natural and supernatural afflictions women face is just the kind of phantasmagoric poetry that captivates my imagination. I wish I could write something half as clever. “If Gregor Samsa Was a Girl” was simply brilliant. By the time I read “Our Love is a Two-Headed Calf, “If Swan Lake Had a Happy Ending,” “Madame Tussaud Makes a Death Mask of Marie Antoinette in Madeleine Cemetery,” “Eulogy for the Doe on the Side of State Road 128,” and “Snow White Receives a DM from Dopey,” I had goosebumps and was sighing aloud over how damn good Moore’s work is. I cannot wait to read more of her work.

It shows that Megan Mary Moore holds an MFA in poetry from Miami University. Her work has been published in numerous poetry outlets, magazines, and reviews. To Daughter a Devil was published by Unsolicited Press out of Portland, Oregon—a press I will watch.

Two Volumes of Poetry and a New Website for Christine Bode of Bodacious Copy

Calling All Poetry Fans!

Hi everyone,

I have exciting news to share. I’m releasing the third edition of my first poetry collection, Eden Refugee (newly edited, with a beautiful new cover and quote reviews), and my second volume, Eden Redefined, on my favourite holiday of the year, Halloween! Ten days from today! So, if you like visceral, lyrical or street poetry that speaks to the human condition, you might enjoy my books. I’ll be sure to share the links to them on Amazon in a new blog on publishing day.

Here are a couple of early reviews for Eden Redefined:

“Full of passion, vitality, boldness, and inspiration Eden Redefined is as startling and audacious in its themes and concepts as it is beautiful and emotive in its language. Brilliant and brave poet Christine Bode knows how to capture the heart like a butterfly in the palm. This vibrant, courageous, and gripping collection of poetry will remind the reader of the frailty of love, life, and happiness and why that fragility is worth experiencing for all its nebulousness.” ~ P.L. Stuart, Author 

“From the ravages of limerence to teaching an alien about the taste of pumpernickel, this little book bears the weight of the world. The poems breathe compassion, for self and others, and rage against what disconnects us. Christine writes, “No one was ever there…” But she set her heart and soul on these pages, and I am here for it.” ~ Cathrin Hagey, Writer and Editor

Huge thanks to Dawn James of Publish and Promote for the interior and cover design of the books, Amazon SEO, and for cheering me on.

My dear subscribers, I also have a new website on Bandzoogle at Bodacious Copy, and you can sign up for my mailing list there to receive a free 1,000-word edit.

I will retire this blog over the next few months and use the one on the Bandzoogle platform, so if you want to receive my news and reviews and writing, editing, and publishing tips, please join me and share this with your friends who may be interested!

With love and gratitude,
Christine xox

POETRY: Eden Refugee – Poetry & Lyrics by Christine Bode



Canadian poet Christine Bode self-publishes her first book of poetry – Eden Refugee – available on Amazon and

KINGSTON, ON – JUNE 26, 2008 – Christine Bode was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She has lived in Toronto and Vancouver and has been writing poetry and song lyrics since she was a teenager. Her first poem, about Shaun Cassidy, was published by Scholastic Book Services in Rock’s Biggest Ten and in 16 Magazine in 1978. Encouraged by a letter from Bob Geldof in 1987 and mentored in this decade by Canada’s legendary broadcasting icon, former chair of the CBC, author, actor and Renaissance man, Patrick Watson, she continues to write and almost understands the meaning of metre.

Some of her work has been published in local newspapers, various American anthologies and on the Internet. Many of the original versions of the poems and lyrics in Eden Refugee have been edited.

EDEN REFUGEE viscerally reflects the experiences of a young woman consumed by sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll, unrequited love and a constant quest for spiritual enlightenment.

This is Christine Bode’s first published collection of poetry.

Link to preview the book or order your print-on-demand copy of Eden Refugee on Amazon or Lulu.

ISBN: 978-1-4357-2630-7

July 6, 1987

Body and armchair, a fetal embrace;
Mind drifts with music to a far-away place.
Tepid breeze whispers through an open window;
Steady, shallow breathing, prostitute’s bellow.
Dusk yawns over the city; humid air, languid, still;
Sleep escapes, stay awake, swallow another pill.

Neon lights flicker, sirens scream by;
Not far, a poor bastard lies waiting to die.
Fires rage, rats scuttle, cats howl, children cry;
Dogs yapping, derelicts hacking, streetcars rattling, trees sigh.
Heroin eyes—purple haze-coloured vision;
Downtown core, a seething roach-infested prison.

Streets stink, cannot think, feet blister, skin peels;
Strain to distinguish what is imagined, dreamt or real.
Fetid heat, constant thirst; lover dead, fear the worst.
Hole in arm, needle in hand, pain all gone; where’s the band?
Fever breaks in sunshine land;
Sid will take his final stand.


Get to Know Christine Bode of Bodacious Copy

Copy editor Christine Bode

Well, it’s time for me to toot my own horn for just one blog so that you can get to know a bit about me.

Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, I have lived here for most of my life, minus the two years I spent in college in Belleville, where I took Television Broadcasting at Loyalist College of Applied Arts & Technology (1982-1984), one year in Vancouver (1994-1995), and ten years in Toronto (1985-89 and 1998-2004) where I worked primarily in medium and large-sized law firms as a legal assistant. I have also worked as a secretary and administrative assistant in a variety of industries, including advertising, television, architecture and engineering, city government, and medicine, among others.

At the peak of my legal career, I was a legal assistant for Michael A. Levine, Canada’s leading entertainment lawyer and a celebrity in his own right, at Goodmans LLP in Toronto. I enjoyed working for the force of nature that was Mr. Levine (he is now retired from the law), but because of a two-year run of unfortunate personal circumstances—I resigned from my position with Mr. Levine in 2004.

Blessed with a wide variety of creative experiences, including being the Vice-President of Student Programming while attending Loyalist College and booking all the talent for special events and pub evenings, I have also been a photo model for a print ad, worked as an extra while living in Vancouver (my first job was as an extra on The X-Files in The Red Museum episode in Season 2), volunteered as a theatre usher, promoted musicians and actors, and even co-produced a play. I had a website called The Celtic Poet (2001-2004), where I wrote reviews and posted my photographs, as well as a photography business called Celtic Poet Photography for a couple of years, exhibiting and selling my work in Artisan’s Alley in Kingston in the summer of 2006.

In March 2008, I manifested a lifelong dream of working with musicians and authors when I founded Scully Love Promo, a digital promotions business offering social media marketing and virtual assistance. It was successful until December 2020, when due to the pandemic, musicians could no longer tour.

I have written about and posted photographs I took of Bob Geldof at—one of the biggest thrills of my life was meeting him in Toronto at the Palais Royale on September 20, 2002! I was a Senior Entertainment Editor/Writer for a local entertainment website called (*Note: no longer in existence), and for many years I wrote book reviews for Simon & Schuster Canada and HarperCollins Canada, as well as reviews and articles for online entertainment magazines. 

Since I was a teenager, I have been writing poetry and song lyrics because I am a huge music fan. My first poem, about Shaun Cassidy, was published by Scholastic Book Services in Rock’s Biggest Ten and 16 Magazine in 1978. Encouraged by a personal letter received from Bob Geldof in 1987 and mentored in the early 2000s by Canada’s legendary broadcasting icon, author, actor, and Renaissance man, Patrick Watson, I continue to write and almost understand the meaning of metre. Some of my work has been published in local newspapers, various American anthologies, and on the Internet.

In June 2007, I self-published my first book of poetry and lyrics entitled Eden Refugee, which is available for preview and purchase on

Many of the original versions of the poems and lyrics in Eden Refugee have been edited.

EDEN REFUGEE viscerally reflects the experiences of a young woman consumed by sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, unrequited love, and a constant quest for spiritual enlightenment.

Eden Refugee
Eden Refugee ~ Poems & Lyrics by Christine Bode