Bodacious Poetry by Christine Bode Is Now on YouTube

Bodacious Poetry on YouTube

Inspired by my new Twitter friend, American poet and kindred spirit Whitney Aumack, whose terrific poetry book Confessions Under Cratered Moons: Poetry of Cosmic Chaos I shall be reviewing here very soon, and my dear friend Irene Carroll, I took the plunge and finally created a YouTube channel!

I just uploaded a video I made earlier this week for my poem “Never Take for Granted” from Eden Redefined as practice for reading aloud at the monthly poetry in the round jam at The Elm Cafe in Kingston, which I attended this week. The response to my work from fellow poets was overwhelmingly positive.

I’ve been writing poetry since I was a teenager and have been inspired by contemporary freeform, lyrical “street poets” Charles Bukowski, Jim Carroll, Jim Morrison, Patti Smith and Michael Madsen. However, I also read and have been influenced by Rumi, Edgar Allan Poe, T.S. Eliot, John Keats, W.B. Yeats, Seamus Heaney, Sylvia Plath, Dorothy Parker, Mary Oliver, Maya Angelou, and Karen Solie, among others. If you have a favourite poet I should read, please let me know in a comment on this post.

I write rhyming and non-rhyming verse and prose that primarily speaks to the human condition, with themes of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, unrequited love, nature, grief, isolation, and a constant quest for spiritual enlightenment and redemption.

Those who know me probably know that using video is NOT something I’m comfortable with, but I know that I can no longer put it off. There is no better way to enjoy poetry than to hear it read by the author, so I’ll be sharing more poetry by my friends and me that way over at Hit that SUBSCRIBE button!

There has never been a time in our history when poetry has been more relevant or needed for creative, spiritual and psychological sustenance. So in my humble opinion, I think more people should give up watching doomsday news and pick up a book of poetry or listen to a spoken word poet on an audiobook. Words really can replenish our souls with life-affirming inspiration and motivation and make us feel as if we are not alone. Because don’t most humans just want to be seen and listened to?

Two Volumes of Poetry and a New Website for Christine Bode of Bodacious Copy

Calling All Poetry Fans!

Hi everyone,

I have exciting news to share. I’m releasing the third edition of my first poetry collection, Eden Refugee (newly edited, with a beautiful new cover and quote reviews), and my second volume, Eden Redefined, on my favourite holiday of the year, Halloween! Ten days from today! So, if you like visceral, lyrical or street poetry that speaks to the human condition, you might enjoy my books. I’ll be sure to share the links to them on Amazon in a new blog on publishing day.

Here are a couple of early reviews for Eden Redefined:

“Full of passion, vitality, boldness, and inspiration Eden Redefined is as startling and audacious in its themes and concepts as it is beautiful and emotive in its language. Brilliant and brave poet Christine Bode knows how to capture the heart like a butterfly in the palm. This vibrant, courageous, and gripping collection of poetry will remind the reader of the frailty of love, life, and happiness and why that fragility is worth experiencing for all its nebulousness.” ~ P.L. Stuart, Author 

“From the ravages of limerence to teaching an alien about the taste of pumpernickel, this little book bears the weight of the world. The poems breathe compassion, for self and others, and rage against what disconnects us. Christine writes, “No one was ever there…” But she set her heart and soul on these pages, and I am here for it.” ~ Cathrin Hagey, Writer and Editor

Huge thanks to Dawn James of Publish and Promote for the interior and cover design of the books, Amazon SEO, and for cheering me on.

My dear subscribers, I also have a new website on Bandzoogle at Bodacious Copy, and you can sign up for my mailing list there to receive a free 1,000-word edit.

I will retire this blog over the next few months and use the one on the Bandzoogle platform, so if you want to receive my news and reviews and writing, editing, and publishing tips, please join me and share this with your friends who may be interested!

With love and gratitude,
Christine xox