“Don’t Forget to Tell the Aliens” by Christine Bode


Don’t Forget to Tell the Aliens

A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

One of the best things about being human
is our sense of taste.
Just try explaining to an alien
how blue cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes
with mayonnaise on black pumpernickel almost melt in your mouth,
each bite like a symphony of stinky, sweet, earthy, rich delectability.

Or try describing to that Grey,
the sensual flavour of smoked salmon and cream cheese
with chive on an all-dressed bagel
—a savoury taste sensation for the ages—
that could surely lure the Greys
from their flying saucers.

Tell them they wouldn’t want to miss out
on the creamy, moderately crunchy, slightly tart
but smooth dichotomy
of egg salad with Hellman’s and Dijon mustard,
chopped celery, dill pickles,
or green onions on a crusty bun.

And don’t forget to tell those aliens
how sensational a spicy siesta of chipotle chicken salad
with avocado, chopped tomatoes,
green olives, jalapenos, and spring greens
in a flour tortilla
will flamenco dance on the tongue.

Or about Brandt’s Liverwurst with Herbs
on a sourdough baguette, and
tuna salad mixed with diced pickles or onions,
seasoned with salt and pepper,
and a dash or two of Frank’s Buffalo Hot Sauce
with old cheddar—melted on toasted ancient grain bread.

For the sake of the Universe,
don’t forget to tell the aliens about
the succulent juiciness of a messy sloppy joe
made with taco-seasoned ground beef,
roasted bell peppers, mushrooms,
onions and cilantro on a cheese bun!

Because those big-headed, black-eyed,
skinny-armed, earless,
telepathic communicating,
abducting little Grey freaks
are never going to leave
when you conclude with…

Ooh! Last but not least,
the sublime satiety of a classic Black Forest ham
and Swiss cheese with Hellman’s and baby spinach
on Rudolph’s rye, which, together with a road map,
can save your day and get you
where you’re going.

There is nothing quite like the tiered design
and strategically placed ingredients in these perfect,
tasty, quick-to-make choices for any meal.
The diverse, deliciousness of sandwiches and
a bag of Dill Pickle Kettle Chips should explain to those aliens
why being human makes us the happier, superior species.

Read this poem and more by Christine Bode in her latest collection, Eden Redefined.

Eden Redefined is available on:

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“Winter Manifesto” by Christine Bode


Winter Manifesto

A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

Dark, dreary, and damp: 3D Canadian wintertime depression.

What to do to beat the winter






Watch every movie on Netflix set in a sunny, tropical climate,

start a poetry reading group where everyone must pass the joint before they read,

call a friend, bust out the tequila and turn the post-punk playlist up loud—
it’s time to dance on the ceiling!

Eat the cheesy jalapeño poppers without guilt; just don’t forget to log the calories.

While you’re at it, you might as well blow your budget and order some
Thai from Royal Angkor or the best calamari with aioli in town.

Noom says to live without guilt and shame, we must be allowed to eat what we want sometimes

‘cause you only live once, and in winters that last almost five months,
spent mainly indoors, you’ll need to have a plan for










Don’t think about Philip in Savannah having outdoor oyster-shucking,
pool parties in January—you don’t even like oysters.

And never forget that comparison is the thief of joy.

Read more poetry by Christine Bode in Eden Refugee and Eden Redefined.

Eden Redefined is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99: https://amzn.to/3T6vbZf

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Eden Refugee is available on:

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“Acquiescence” by Christine Bode

Colours and emotions by Christian Kortum

Summer sunset on the shores around Hvidbjerg Strand, Jylland, Denmark



A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

I do not mean to hurt you with my pain;
I’m trying to manage it, six ways to Sunday.

Some days, I succeed, and some days I fail,
And some days, I simply feel trapped in this jail.

Anxiety and depression run in my family;
For years, I lived elsewhere, attempting to run away.

Don’t know how to thrive and escape this gloom,
As I will not get to Europe anytime soon.

I must surrender and make the best of what Kingston can offer;
So acquiescence and submission I’ll proffer.

I can relate to John Prine’s Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings;
I’ll look for beauty and hope in Send in the Clown’s window dressing.

Although all I ever wanted was love, actually;
I received it, just not the way I had hoped, factually.

Another thing I must surrender to and accept;
Give thanks for the blessings and garbage the rest.

Read more poetry by Christine Bode in Eden Refugee and Eden Redefined.

Eden Redefined is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99: https://amzn.to/3T6vbZf

Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99: https://amzn.to/3gWMFtH

Eden Refugee is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99: https://amzn.to/3FEAXhg

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My First Book Signing Event

My First Book Signing Event at Hudson’s Bay Kingston’s Giving Back is Gorgeous Beauty Event

I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Hudson’s Bay Kingston’s Giving Back is Gorgeous Beauty Event fundraiser on Saturday, November 12, 2022. An employee of The Bay is a long-time Instagram friend, and she, Carole Letourneau, graciously invited me to participate as a local author. It was my first book signing event for the two poetry books I wrote and recently published, Eden Redefined and Eden Refugee, and I had a blast!

It was beautiful to be a part of a community event that raised funds for the Hudson’s Bay Foundation’s Charter for Change, which is working to address racial inequality by investing in education, employment and empowerment opportunities for Indigenous Peoples, Black People, and People of Colour. Over the years, I have worked with and supported fabulously talented people from the BIPOC community. I may have no real idea what it is like to not be a middle-class white woman, but I have dealt with prejudices that fall outside of the colour of my skin, and I believe everyone has the right to education, employment, equality, and empowerment.

As I celebrate the release of my new poetry book, Eden Redefined, I hope that people of all colours and cultures can find something to relate to within its pages.

I’m grateful to my family and friends who came to see me and purchase my book at The Bay, and to local author and friend Angela Stever, for inspiring me through her publishing journey. She wrote a fantastic young adult fantasy fiction novel called Conquering the Divide: The Legend of Barsicon, which I read and appreciated.

Support your local vendors and artisans whenever you can, and if you’re a poetry lover, I hope to see you at a future book signing event.

Christine Bode’s poetry series brings a new sense of honesty that is true to her soul. In her latest publication Eden Redefined, Bode unveils a captivating journey that is mysterious and alluring. In fact, her poetic words cast a magical spell where readers can immediately see themselves in a different light. While many poets apply a literal use of light and darkness, Bode’s metaphorical ways of telling deep, personal stories naturally illuminate the shades and obscurities of life. I can envision her poetry becoming independent films and video stories as her words already have a cinematic quality and contribute to the broader arts community.

~ Dr Samita Nandy, Director, Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies, Actor, American Academy of Dramatic Arts (LA)

Eden Redefined is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99: https://amzn.to/3T6vbZf
Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99: https://amzn.to/3gWMFtH
Contact Christine Bode at her website: https://bodaciouscopy.com

Eden Refugee
is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99: https://amzn.to/3FEAXhg
Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99: https://amzn.to/3TQDd9x