“The Glorious Sun” by Christine Bode


The Glorious Sun

A poem by ©Christine Bode 2019

Ahh, the glorious sun!
From the land of lucid dreaming 
I wake, 
throw off the covers and
greet my dog
who lies beneath me beside the bed.

Drawing the curtains,
I welcome a new day,
always more cherished when the sun is glorious 
shining through the cloudy thoughts of
mistakes I’ve made. 
The wrong men I’ve given my heart to, 
how stuck I feel in this life—lost more than found,
and how much I miss my sister.

Waking thoughts that are as reliable 
as the chubby squirrels 
who continue to forage for food 
on the pathway behind the 
Bowling Greens, 
those all-weather rodents who
just go on with their lives 
and never let the weather 
get them down.

When the sun shines in winter, it casts its rays of hope, 
offering strength for perseverance, motivation,
to endure another dark night of the soul.
So, I’ll be here to bear witness 
to the perfect beauty of the lavender crocus 
as she peeks through the cold, hard ground 
with her saffron eye and turns her face
towards that glorious sun, 
a symbol of courage 
as we both face a new day.

Happy World Poetry Day! Read this poem and more by Christine Bode in her latest collection, Eden Redefined.

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Bodacious Poetry by Christine Bode Is Now on YouTube

Bodacious Poetry on YouTube

Inspired by my new Twitter friend, American poet and kindred spirit Whitney Aumack, whose terrific poetry book Confessions Under Cratered Moons: Poetry of Cosmic Chaos I shall be reviewing here very soon, and my dear friend Irene Carroll, I took the plunge and finally created a YouTube channel!

I just uploaded a video I made earlier this week for my poem “Never Take for Granted” from Eden Redefined as practice for reading aloud at the monthly poetry in the round jam at The Elm Cafe in Kingston, which I attended this week. The response to my work from fellow poets was overwhelmingly positive.

I’ve been writing poetry since I was a teenager and have been inspired by contemporary freeform, lyrical “street poets” Charles Bukowski, Jim Carroll, Jim Morrison, Patti Smith and Michael Madsen. However, I also read and have been influenced by Rumi, Edgar Allan Poe, T.S. Eliot, John Keats, W.B. Yeats, Seamus Heaney, Sylvia Plath, Dorothy Parker, Mary Oliver, Maya Angelou, and Karen Solie, among others. If you have a favourite poet I should read, please let me know in a comment on this post.

I write rhyming and non-rhyming verse and prose that primarily speaks to the human condition, with themes of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, unrequited love, nature, grief, isolation, and a constant quest for spiritual enlightenment and redemption.

Those who know me probably know that using video is NOT something I’m comfortable with, but I know that I can no longer put it off. There is no better way to enjoy poetry than to hear it read by the author, so I’ll be sharing more poetry by my friends and me that way over at https://www.youtube.com/@ChristineBode. Hit that SUBSCRIBE button!

There has never been a time in our history when poetry has been more relevant or needed for creative, spiritual and psychological sustenance. So in my humble opinion, I think more people should give up watching doomsday news and pick up a book of poetry or listen to a spoken word poet on an audiobook. Words really can replenish our souls with life-affirming inspiration and motivation and make us feel as if we are not alone. Because don’t most humans just want to be seen and listened to?

“Twin Flame” by Christine Bode


Twin Flame

A poem by ©Christine Bode 2018

I see my twin flame’s image in the dark side of
a gold and gilded mirror, as he holds it to my face
so I can see my covert beauty and foremost strengths,
as well as my ugliest prejudices.

I see myself in his shadow, curious, compelled to seek
the verity of his existence, to know my perception is echt.
Aware that my romanticized projection may be
unwelcome, I am wary of this infatuation.

I dwell in the light on the other side of the mirror
but fascination for his knowledge, philosophy and
strange, unusual life choices
keep me lingering, just at arm’s length.

Intensely drawn to this man, I hardly know,
my intuition tells me we are not soul mates,
but I can’t help but wonder what he’s here to teach me,
and I sense that an existential earthquake is imminent.

I am in awe of his courage to live an
authentic, alternative lifestyle, indulging in
every deviant whim of which he can conceive, but I’m
repelled by his politics and self-absorption.

Yang to my yin, he’s reflected parts of me I’ve never known.
Yet I could swear I’ve met him before,
in the pages of a horror novel—an inkling that a fictional
character manifested makes me distracted and uneasy.

What transformation is he the catalyst for in my life?
I sense an alchemical reaction and am unsure about how
much I want to change, but he will show me
what I most desire, as well as what I most fear.

I am neither brave nor foolish enough to follow him further
than that garden gate of exquisite, ornamental iron
because I can see the bloodstains that linger there,
and I’m afraid that blood is mine.

Read this poem and more by Christine Bode in her latest collection, Eden Redefined.

Eden Redefined is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99: https://amzn.to/3T6vbZf

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“Don’t Forget to Tell the Aliens” by Christine Bode


Don’t Forget to Tell the Aliens

A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

One of the best things about being human
is our sense of taste.
Just try explaining to an alien
how blue cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes
with mayonnaise on black pumpernickel almost melt in your mouth,
each bite like a symphony of stinky, sweet, earthy, rich delectability.

Or try describing to that Grey,
the sensual flavour of smoked salmon and cream cheese
with chive on an all-dressed bagel
—a savoury taste sensation for the ages—
that could surely lure the Greys
from their flying saucers.

Tell them they wouldn’t want to miss out
on the creamy, moderately crunchy, slightly tart
but smooth dichotomy
of egg salad with Hellman’s and Dijon mustard,
chopped celery, dill pickles,
or green onions on a crusty bun.

And don’t forget to tell those aliens
how sensational a spicy siesta of chipotle chicken salad
with avocado, chopped tomatoes,
green olives, jalapenos, and spring greens
in a flour tortilla
will flamenco dance on the tongue.

Or about Brandt’s Liverwurst with Herbs
on a sourdough baguette, and
tuna salad mixed with diced pickles or onions,
seasoned with salt and pepper,
and a dash or two of Frank’s Buffalo Hot Sauce
with old cheddar—melted on toasted ancient grain bread.

For the sake of the Universe,
don’t forget to tell the aliens about
the succulent juiciness of a messy sloppy joe
made with taco-seasoned ground beef,
roasted bell peppers, mushrooms,
onions and cilantro on a cheese bun!

Because those big-headed, black-eyed,
skinny-armed, earless,
telepathic communicating,
abducting little Grey freaks
are never going to leave
when you conclude with…

Ooh! Last but not least,
the sublime satiety of a classic Black Forest ham
and Swiss cheese with Hellman’s and baby spinach
on Rudolph’s rye, which, together with a road map,
can save your day and get you
where you’re going.

There is nothing quite like the tiered design
and strategically placed ingredients in these perfect,
tasty, quick-to-make choices for any meal.
The diverse, deliciousness of sandwiches and
a bag of Dill Pickle Kettle Chips should explain to those aliens
why being human makes us the happier, superior species.

Read this poem and more by Christine Bode in her latest collection, Eden Redefined.

Eden Redefined is available on:

Amazon (Paperback) CDN $14.99: https://amzn.to/3T6vbZf

Amazon (Kindle) CDN $8.99: https://amzn.to/3gWMFtH