“Twin Flame” by Christine Bode


Twin Flame

A poem by ©Christine Bode 2018

I see my twin flame’s image in the dark side of
a gold and gilded mirror, as he holds it to my face
so I can see my covert beauty and foremost strengths,
as well as my ugliest prejudices.

I see myself in his shadow, curious, compelled to seek
the verity of his existence, to know my perception is echt.
Aware that my romanticized projection may be
unwelcome, I am wary of this infatuation.

I dwell in the light on the other side of the mirror
but fascination for his knowledge, philosophy and
strange, unusual life choices
keep me lingering, just at arm’s length.

Intensely drawn to this man, I hardly know,
my intuition tells me we are not soul mates,
but I can’t help but wonder what he’s here to teach me,
and I sense that an existential earthquake is imminent.

I am in awe of his courage to live an
authentic, alternative lifestyle, indulging in
every deviant whim of which he can conceive, but I’m
repelled by his politics and self-absorption.

Yang to my yin, he’s reflected parts of me I’ve never known.
Yet I could swear I’ve met him before,
in the pages of a horror novel—an inkling that a fictional
character manifested makes me distracted and uneasy.

What transformation is he the catalyst for in my life?
I sense an alchemical reaction and am unsure about how
much I want to change, but he will show me
what I most desire, as well as what I most fear.

I am neither brave nor foolish enough to follow him further
than that garden gate of exquisite, ornamental iron
because I can see the bloodstains that linger there,
and I’m afraid that blood is mine.

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