“Acquiescence” by Christine Bode

Colours and emotions by Christian Kortum

Summer sunset on the shores around Hvidbjerg Strand, Jylland, Denmark



A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

I do not mean to hurt you with my pain;
I’m trying to manage it, six ways to Sunday.

Some days, I succeed, and some days I fail,
And some days, I simply feel trapped in this jail.

Anxiety and depression run in my family;
For years, I lived elsewhere, attempting to run away.

Don’t know how to thrive and escape this gloom,
As I will not get to Europe anytime soon.

I must surrender and make the best of what Kingston can offer;
So acquiescence and submission I’ll proffer.

I can relate to John Prine’s Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings;
I’ll look for beauty and hope in Send in the Clown’s window dressing.

Although all I ever wanted was love, actually;
I received it, just not the way I had hoped, factually.

Another thing I must surrender to and accept;
Give thanks for the blessings and garbage the rest.

Read more poetry by Christine Bode in Eden Refugee and Eden Redefined.

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  1. PhotoRichard Canada says:

    Christine … You hit the mark with me. I have many of the same feelings and emotions. As we evolve our lives, we take “turns”.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my poem, Richard. I’m pleased that you could relate to it!

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