“Endpoint” by Christine Bode



A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022

This epoch’s information inundation’s now acute;

devouring knowledge like pecan brownies until I need to puke.

Overwhelmed with info in the social media age;

watch decent people hurtling into an unrelenting rage.

It’s so hard to distinguish what is real from what is fake;

so be careful what you say, or they will burn you at the stake.

It’s fatiguing to put up with another’s conflicting views;

just cannot read another doomsday headline in the news.

Work-at-home isolation turned me into a sad, anxious hermit;

she shouts tough love at me on the phone, but I don’t have the bandwidth.

If we can’t learn to live and let live with distinct viewpoints,

and we can’t grasp how to figure it out, it will be our endpoint.


Read more poetry by Christine Bode in Eden Refugee and Eden Redefined.

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Eden Refugee is available on:

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