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Cover Reveal and Editor’s Review of Lord and King by Bestselling Author, P.L. Stuart

Cover Reveal and Editor’s Review I am so excited about this book! Last night, on Blaise Ancona’s Under the Radar SFF Podcast, Blaise went live with an interview with fantasy fiction author and my friend, P.L. Stuart, in which they reviewed Stuart’s books A Drowned Kingdom and The Last of the Atalanteans and they revealed…

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The Top Ten Things Writers of Nonfiction Should Know

Nonfiction Writing Nonfiction writing is a challenging and rewarding endeavour that requires great skill and dedication. But whether you are writing a memoir, a history book, or a scientific study, there are certain things that all writers of nonfiction should know to produce high-quality, engaging, and informative work. From researching and organizing your material to…

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Writers Save Money by Understanding the Different Types of Editing

Writers Save Money by Understanding the Different Types of Editing My dear fellow writers, before you hire a copyeditor, ensure that you understand the different types of editing, as knowing the difference will save you money! I can’t tell you how often a writer has submitted a manuscript to Publish and Promote, the company I…

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Meet Gary Benoit, Author of A Call for Service: Overcoming Adversity through Resilience

First-time Authors In his new memoir, A Call for Service: Overcoming Adversity through Resilience, former Edmonton police officer Gary Benoit shared his strategies for overcoming PTSD and Occupational Stress Injuries. He authored the book to provide all active and retired frontline personnel and their families with the tools and guidance needed to reduce stress, strengthen…

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POETRY: “Don’t Forget to Tell the Aliens” by Christine Bode

Poetry Don’t Forget to Tell the Aliens A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022 One of the best things about being humanis our sense of taste.Just try explaining to an alienhow blue cheese and sliced cherry tomatoeswith mayonnaise on black pumpernickel almost melt in your mouth,each bite like a symphony of stinky, sweet, earthy, rich delectability.Or…

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Meet Sean Robinson, Author of Going Dry: My Path to Overcoming Habitual Drinking

First-time Authors Last year, I had the pleasure of editing author Sean Robinson’s first book, Going Dry: My Path to Overcoming Habitual Drinking, for Publish and Promote. Sean is a trailblazer when it comes to being vulnerable and authentic, as page one of his book is his personal journal entry—sharing the dark space he was…

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Sultans of String and Northern Cree Release “Nîmihito (Dance)” and Announce 2023 Tour Dates

Press Release “Nîmihito (Dance)” is a collaboration between 3x JUNO nominated, 4x CFMA winning Sultans of String and Northern Cree, a nine-time Grammy nominated pow wow and round dance group from Treaty 6 territory in Canada, who have released more than 50 albums over their 40-year history. It is the first single off the upcoming Sultans of…

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POETRY: “Lucid Dream” by Christine Bode

Poetry Lucid Dream A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022 Downey as a swan featherYour finger caresses my cheekBrawny arm holds my back with Posturepedic supportOpposite hand on my buttockGiving it a gentle squeezeInhaling your wood amber muskMy lips pressed against your Cupid’s bowFiery tongues dance a tangoAnd you lean into me with fervourIndicating you want…

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POETRY: “Winter Manifesto by Christine Bode

Poetry Winter Manifesto A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022 Dark, dreary, and damp: 3D Canadian wintertime depression. What to do to beat the winter B L U E S ?Watch every movie on Netflix set in a sunny, tropical climate, start a poetry reading group where everyone must pass the joint before they read, call…

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POETRY: “Oh, Eloise” by Christine Bode

POETRY Oh, Eloise A song-like poem by ©Christine Bode 2022 Oh, EloiseThe way you wail on your squeaky purple pigWhen I’m talking on the telephoneAlthough you’re never ever aloneAnd you don’t want to play with meMy silly EloiseOh, EloiseThe way you carry big sticks, so proudThen you roll over them on the groundGetting covered in…

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A Surprise Visit by Boris Glikman

Creative Writing A Surprise Visit by Boris Glikman An Eastern Water Dragon crawls up close while I sit at a small folding table next to the camping tent. Billions of years of evolution separate us; I arrived into this world more or less fully formed, while it arrived as a gelatinous mass inside an egg,…

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POETRY: “Acquiescence” by Christine Bode

Poetry Acquiescence A poem by ©Christine Bode 2022 I do not mean to hurt you with my pain;I’m trying to manage it, six ways to Sunday.Some days, I succeed, and some days I fail,And some days, I simply feel trapped in this jail.Anxiety and depression run in my family;For years, I lived elsewhere, attempting to…

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My First Book Signing Event

My First Book Signing Event at Hudson’s Bay Kingston’s Giving Back is Gorgeous Beauty Event I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Hudson’s Bay Kingston’s Giving Back is Gorgeous Beauty Event fundraiser on Saturday, November 12, 2022. An employee of The Bay is a long-time Instagram friend and she, Carole Letourneau, graciously…

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The F Book: 7 Fs to Creating Your Fantastic Future by Lynn Rae

Nonfiction Book Review Title: The F Book: 7 Fs to Creating Your Fantastic FutureAuthor:  Lynn RaePublisher: Self-publishedReleased: 2022Pages: 215ISBN-13: 978-17782410-0-0Stars:  5.00 I don’t often write reviews for books I’ve had the pleasure of editing, but I’m making an exception in this case. The F Book: 7 Fs to Creating Your Fantastic Future by Lynn Rae is exceptional and noteworthy,…

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3x JUNO Nominees / 4x CFMA-Winning Canadian Global Music Supergroup Sultans of String Celebrate Film Wins with Screenings in Toronto and Hamilton!

Press Release for Film “Sultans of String: The Refuge Project – Visual Album” Sultans of String are excited about the first screenings of their feature-length film “Sultans of String: The Refuge Project – Visual Album” – their pandemic project that just won at the Cannes World Film Festival, Best Istanbul Film Festival, and was selected for the…

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